Anagram Cubes

Here Are Various Ways To Play Big Anagrams

There are so many ways to play the BIG ANAGRAMS Word Cube Game. Here are some, but feel free to improvise and make your own rules too.

Rules and Various Game Variations for Big Anagrams

All Word Game Rules Below Require 2+ Players

60 Second Word Scramble 

Gather around one another in a spaced out circle facing towards one another (surround a 8-10ft radius). It is best to play indoors on a carpeted surface or outside on the grass. Then you will need to prepare a 60 second timer from your Iphone (go into the app called “CLOCK” you will see a 60 sec timer option) or any smartphone with timer option. If you don’t have smart phone access improvise the countdown. Divide up the cubes evenly between each player. Right before you are ready to toss the cubes someone must start the timer. Then immediately all at once, roll the cubes towards the center. All players must write out the words they see on a note pad or in their ‘NOTEPAD” area of their smart phones. All players must stop upon the buzzard. Then each player needs to count up the value of the letters within the words that they wrote down. The player with the most points wins the Big Anagrams “60 Second Word Scramble”. Feel free to play as many rounds as you decide amongst your friends. Best of 3,5,7, are common. Enjoy!

Call It OUT

Spread the cubes around in a gather bunch. Player’s will need to pickup an evenly divided up amount of cubes between one another and promptly within 1 second of handling the cube, they must rotate the cubes in any direction. Then place, toss, or drop their cubes on the ground or set on a low coffee table. This quick pace of handling, keeps players from creating words after picking up the cubes. Immediately after the all cubes have been handled and left on the ground, each player can shout out a word. The 1st player to shout out the word gets that shouted word and points added to their score. Each player has a chance to call out 1 word. Then on the 2nd round each player can rotate 2 cubes. Each player must rotate the 2 and handle them all at the same time. The 2 cubes must be handled by the players within 30 seconds or until all members have rotated 2 cubes. If the same word is called out or shouted at the same exact moment by another player the word is illuminated (OUT) from either round. The player that shouted the word first can keep it towards their score. Plural versions, prefixes, and suffixes are considered a different word and can be counted towards a players score. After the players have played both rounds then they sum up the points of the 2 words they created. The highest score wins the round. Play as many rounds as you prefer to determine the winner. Feel free to add or adjust rules between your friends, just make sure you all understand the rules and are in agreement. Have fun 

A Reverse Stack UP

Each player is randomly dealt the same amount of cubes. A player then creates a word by spelling it from the varied combination of letters they have to choose from. Once the player has the word they want to use to compete against the other player, they reverse spell it by stack it up. For example, the last letter of the word one is trying to spell is put down first, the second to last letter of the word is put on top of the last letter and so on until the word is spelled out vertically. The word must be a free standing like a tower in order for it to be completed and counted towards a competing score. Once the player stacks it up and the tower is stable it is considered a word. A player does not have to use up all of their cubes to form a word, but the more cubes that are used the more points one will likely get. The 1st player to get the word stacked up will get an extra 7 points added on to their word score, the 2nd player will get an extra 5 points, and the 3rd player will get an extra 3 points. Create the highest valued word from your cubes and do it faster than any other player to win the round. Play as many rounds as you prefer. As an alternate round or game these same rules can be applied without balancing the cubes to build a tower. One can spell out the word horizontally, but the tower is the more exciting way of playing. Have fun at your next party!

Pass it on or Trade it

Deal out an even amount of cubes between the players. The object of the game is for each player to try to form a word with the highest amount of value by trading cubes between one another. Decide on a single player to start the rotation to initiate a pass or trade. Each player takes a turn by calling out “pass” or “trade”. If one prefers a trade, they must prepare a cube to exchange with a player. The player wanting to trade must call out the 6 letters they have on the cube they want to trade and say they are looking for the any 1 or 2 letters (only 1 or 2 letters can be called out as a during the preferred trade) they prefer to get. After one asks for what they are looking for, each person in a clockwise order, one after another, answers pass (no blocks traded) or trade (trade 1 cube only with the preferred letter that was called out). Once both agree to the trade, then the player’s exchange those cubes. After 3 or 5 opportunities (pre-game preference decided by players) for each player to pass or trade the game is over. All then put down and call out their complied word. All the cubes do not have to be used to form a word. The player with the word scoring the highest point value wins the game.