Tumbling Towers

How To Play

There are so many ways to play this giant tumbling block game. Most groups play by stacking the blocks in sets of 3 with horizontal and vertical layers alternating with every level. After the giant wood blocks are stacked on top of each other, all players take turns pulling a piece out  one at a time and stacking one top of the highest level. Players can pick any spot on the highest level to place their piece. As players take turns pulling out blocks one by one the tower becomes less stable and much taller. There soon becomes less and less easier moves to build and the Giant Tower stacks to its highest point. Soon after, the tall tower tumbles with the losing player’s turn that caused the large blocks to shift off balance for the Tumbling Tower to crumble.

You can set up the giant wood set on top of something sturdy like a short coffee table, a sturdy stool, or the floor. As long as the set is stable enough and not too high off the ground you’ll enjoy the pulling and stacking challenge. You should keep in mind your set will get pretty tall so don’t set it up on a tall platform. You and everyone at your party or event will have a great time.

Players can choose to decorate the sets on the spot during play or one can order a customized logo set for a unique experience. These giant tumbling tower sets are great for group parties, corporate events, team building, social events, company promotions, bbq’s, or a fun evening with a big party game.

Thank you for your interest in the giant Tumbling Towers game set, we hope you decide to play and enjoy the Giant Life Sized Game at your next event, we know everyone in your group friends will love it!


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Custom Orders

If you have any questions on custom orders please contact us directly for turn around time and pricing. Special requests for custom logo impressions or preferred color requests, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

About Us

We are the original and first company to sell these giant custom game sets online. Our quality, pricing, and shipping time is very competitive and we take pride in keeping our customer’s satisfied. Let us know what we can do to make your event even more fun. Our giant sets have been shipped to every part of the country  and there is a good chance you have played with one of our sets. Our most popular customers range from bars and party organizers to college students and corporate event planners. Enjoy the great life sized Game at your next group gathering.

Disclaimer – Attention

Please keep in mind these are solid wood blocks and are not recommended for younger children. These blocks are intended for  at the very least teens, young adults, and older. If your not sure please exercise caution first. We can not be responsible for careless misuse of the over sized game and over building with multiple sets on a single tower. Please be aware of the large tower of blocks falling, especially as its being built up taller and becoming unstable.


Due to the size and weight of the blocks being sold along with the free shipping being offered. Unless there is an issue with the order that is sent to you we can not provide a complete full refund. You may qualify for a possible exchange depending on the rare situation of there were any in transit damages. These sets are for events and group parties so please let let us know promptly upon arrival if there is an issue so it can be resolved with a possible exchange. This is the original stacking game that was first created before anyone else was selling giant block games.

Thank You to All of Our Customers Who Enjoy the Fun Game Safely