Anagram Tiles

Custom BIG Anagrams Word Tiles 

Play the ultimate word game with your friends! These life size tile letters & points can really turn your party into a big hit. No matter what age your group is or the size of your event, everyone will enjoy competing to create the best words for the highest point value. Play these at your next pool party, BBQ, outdoor event, company picnic, birthday party, living room game night, camp, or use it as an educational game for building vocabulary as you play!

There are so many variations on the kind of rules you can adapt for this word game. Play with rules that you probably are already familiar with from other word games you know of or just create your own fun word game. Here are some ways to play with BIG Anagrams Word Tiles.

Mix’em, Flip’em, Stack’em, Draw’em, Slap’em 

This is rendition of one of the most popular ways to play word tile games. Mix up the tiles and start stacking them vertically letter side faced down. Stack up the tiles in columns similar to a deck of cards. Put an equal amount of tiles with an equal amount of columns divided between the amount of players and pieces you have (up to you and your players how many people play or columns).  It is ideal to have a column next to each player on the ground to play this version (best for people to be in a large circle facing one another).  Then each of the players draws 7 tiles from the person’s column to the right of them. Once each player draws their 7 tiles, they can drop/place them right side up on the ground to begin playing the word game. It is a race against time to go through the stack next to your right, so start creating words from those initial 7 letters in front of you.  When you create a word leave it in front of yourself. After you created the first word be sure to draw another group of 7 letters. Once you have created another word draw, put it down and draw another 7 letters. Keep drawing in batches of 7 until you run out of tiles. Once the last word from the fastest player that put down there tiles the game stops (If a few overage tiles are left over from the last turn as the last word was put down, then 2 points per left over piece is deducted from that players score). All the players will now count up the highest amount of points from the words that are in front of them.