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MEGA Plunk Ball Drop - Stands at 5FT Tall - Pick Any Colors or Logo

MEGA Plunk Ball Drop - Stands at 5FT Tall - Pick Any Colors or Logo

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The Mega Plunk Ball Drop is a Giant 5FT Tall Wooden Ball Dropping Game where you have to pull the sticks out one by one while trying to avoid causing the plastic balls inside to fall down through. Each player takes turns pulling a stick out one at a time. When all of the balls drop to the bottom the person that took the last move loses the game. If only some of the balls fall through, but not all keep playing and taking turns until a player causes all of the balls to drop to the bottom.

This purchase includes the customization of picking the sticks to be any one color, the base to be any one color, the frame to be any one color, and 8 SINGLE COLOR LOGO impressions on the base (all sides).

This takes about 8-10 days to be fully customized after all the details have been received via email. The game is shipped in 2 boxes with Free Fedex Ground shipping included. This will be a huge crowd please at any event or party. Outdoor or indoor the crowd will cheer with suspense! Please contact us with any questions or additional customization options.

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